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The information provided herein, in no way should be construed as advice, instruction, and / or medical direction and does not substitute a visit to your health professional. Each person is responsible for the use that decides to give the information obtained here.

Please write only in Spanish.

Any problem of comments by private, is not the responsibility of any of the administrators.

This forum is not a religious group and we do not talk about religion.

In medicine, the turpentine essence acts as a powerful stimulant and is often used as an antispasmodic and astringent. It also destroys candida at the level of the whole body and creates a hostile environment for parasites. This causes the parasites to begin to leave the body. It also has diuretic properties.

*** ------ NOTES and RULES ----- ***

ALL protocols are well documented in the group's file area, on the official blog and here in the official forum.

Our groups on Facebook:

We do not discuss topics of oxidative therapies such as MMS, CDS, CDH since they are not compatible with turpentine, since they cancel out the antioxidant effects of this and other antioxidants.

If we work and recommend PRO-OXIDIZING (Oxygenating) therapies such as OZONE and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.


THIS GROUP IS ONLY FROM TREMENTINA and other recommendations by the group administrators. We reserve the rights to the recommendations.

Nor do we discuss issues of magnets, par-magnetic, bio-decoding or other energy therapies, subtle, etc.

Again, turpentine is not an oxidative therapy and it would be counterproductive to apply these therapies here.

The group is for themes of TREMENTINA and healthy diets, as is the PALEO lifestyle, which we recommend here to complement the medicinal effects of turpentine.

The administrators of this group also recommend certain supplements, when necessary.

If it has nothing to do with TREMENTINA and / or the aforementioned, it is not discussed here.
Any mention of any therapy of MMS, CDS, CDH or other oxidative therapies will eliminate comments and / or block people without prior notice.

Promotions and sales of products in this group are not allowed, except for products that have been verified by the administrators, and only by the administrators.
The administrators of this group reserve the right to add recommendations outside the standard protocol if we consider it appropriate.

Once we consider that a message has been answered correctly, the thread is closed so that it does not leave the topic with additional messages, which causes confusion.
If someone has a question related to the initial message and the thread is already closed, you can open a new thread.

Thank you!

***------ IMPORTANT NOTE -----***

"The information provided here, in no way should be interpreted as advice, instruction, and / or medical address and does not replace a visit to your health professional, each person is responsible for the use you choose to give the information obtained here."
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